they will ask you to take the course and tell you that you will be hired after. So they get you to pay 275 dollars and make your way over there for 2 days at 8am to sometimes 4 or 5 and and sometimes 8 or 9 they dont say.

Just a terrible education but thats not the worst part they say they will hire and its all a lie a lot of people have taken the course over 200 people a month and none get hired. So i tried calling them and asking about my application a couple times and just got a " we will get back to you" so i asked some of the other people who took the course and they said they got the same then i went online and looked it up and lets just say i was not the first to be scammed so take my advice and don't waste your money.

Monetary Loss: $275.

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A friend just took the course and got hired immediately after. Yay for her!!!

But then, she's also very smart and a really good worker. They are getting a gem of an employee.


Like any certification program in BC there is no gaurentee of employment if you do not possess the qualities that an employer would want. If you do not treat the course like a job and show that you are fully capable then the employer would not want to hire you. No certification, diploma or degree is a gaurentee of employment.

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #948844

They did the same thing yo me but at least I got a light weight sighn. After 3 weeks of supposedly being hired I went to another company and was on the road the next day and have been ever since.

Making good money. Not working for them turned out to be the best move of my life. I'm so happy.

Full time crew working every day and I'm a newbie. Love my job so much!!!!!


If your not showing promise during the course why would they hire you?

Also if you take the course in the fall-winter your not getting hired unless you show exceptional skills in the course.

Busy season starts in late spring and goes until sept/oct. If your going to take the course take it in spring and they'll probably hire you but it's a course there's no guarantee of employment and you don't have to work with universal there's plenty of other flagging companies who will hire someone like you who posts horrible things online and slanders companies bc your incapable

to Anonymous Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #948845

Don't hire people if your not going to give them work or a knowledge them. Horrible and unprofessional.

Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada #875483

I took the flagging course from them last Saturday and Sunday and got hired Monday and worked Tuesday wed and today

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